Cerrinho do Caracol (aka Miradouro da Luz) Planned Resort

The project of the ALLOTMENT (with the INTENTION of building a 5-storey hotel & apartments/houses in the future) on the Miradouro site (Cerrinho do Caracol) has now been approved, albeit with severe legal shortcomings.


The Association is preparing, with a team of lawyers and specialists, a challenge and judicial appeal against the order of March 30th, 2021 through which the new project recently was again approved, though subject to conditions of some engineering projects to be added to the proceedings. So, although it is not foreseeable that the work will start soon, the truth is that we have two deadlines that are running from the last administrative decision issued:
1) At European level through an appeal to European courts for violation of European environmental and urban legislation – term of 2 months; and
2) We have a period of 3 months to challenge the decision in the Portuguese national courts for violation of domestic and international legislation.

In this regard, we appeal to your financial contribution to be able to meet the expenses with documents, information resources and technicians that we are obtaining.

After an analysis of the entire administrative procedure that includes the order that approved the hotel and buildings for the second time (we managed to revoke the previous order), we conclude that we have many irregularities and illegalities against which we can invoke several arguments. We will do everything we can and believe to be effective, to ensure that this urban error does not materialize, but we need your help. Together we are stronger!

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Associação Miradouro da Luz
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Association Miradouro da Luz (President: Dra Alexandra Soares)

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