Ponta da Gaivota (Luz)


The Associaçao Miradouro da Luz is campaigning to stop the construction of 29 villas on Reserva land at the site of one of the only remaining wild and open spaces in Praia da Luz. We believe this development is not legal. It does not comply with current planning laws, it does not meet the requirements of the Lagos Municipal Development Plan, and it will destroy the natural environment of P. Luz.

The site in question is between Reserva da Luz and Porto Dona Maria, along the cliff walk from Luz to Burgau. The development plan dates back to 1974, and in 1985 the Council declared that approval of this plan had expired. In 2021 the developer signed a contract with the Council to complete infrastructure works (roads, sewers, etc.) at the proposed development site. However, the works agreed upon were as per the infrastructure standards and methods of 1974, which in 2022 are considered obsolete and unacceptable. The proposed site is an ecological area. As the development license has expired, it is not legal for the developer to proceed with any such work. All new developments must comply with current regulations. On 30 September 2022, after our intervention, the Council quickly issued an “embargo”, effectively stopping all clearance work for 6 months. The Council justified the order by saying that the developer went far beyond the clearance of land for infrastructure works and began total land clearance destroying the natural habitat in areas not yet licensed.

We are asking the community and all visitors and people who care about Luz’s responsible development to help us fight this case. We urgently need funds to cover legal expenses to show the Council the illegality of this proposal and to take the case to court, if necessary. Funds are required to commission expert reports presented to the Council and the judicial courts and to publicize this campaign so we can be sure the wider community is aware of the proposed destruction of our environment. Please donate. Thank you for helping us preserve our natural environment.

Why are we against the 1/1974 allotment permit?

The allotment was intended to divide a land of over 60 000 m2 into fractions for construction purposes. The land in question is located between the urbanizations of Reserva da Luz urbanization and Porto Dona Maria. When the allotment was approved on January 9, 1974, it gave rise to about 53 lots.

There appears to be no site summary plan available as it is not included in the archive folders at CML (Câmara Municipal de Lagos), therefore the specifications and configurations of the lots are unknown. The permit has furthermore never been certified at the land registry. In 1984, a survey was carried out on the infrastructures created and it was found that the 10 per cent actually built had degraded completely. The state of infrastructure degradation was declared on October 24, 1984. On December 2, 1985, an extension of the deadline for the completion of the works was denied. On May 19, 1986, the license expired.

In September 2020 the current owner submitted, at the land registry office (Conservatória de Registo Predial de Lagos), the registration of an allotment permit including a new land division, while expressing the intention to still take advantage of the 1974 permit.

Now, we consider that for reasons of public interest, the City Council should immediately EXPLICITLY declare the 1974 subdivision as expired, recognizing the lack of infrastructure and the violation of the rules currently in force that prevent the renewal of the permit, such as the POOC Vilamoura-Burgau and PDM (Municipal director plan) of Lagos which classifies the entire terrain as ecological and natural. Any other understanding would violate the environmental and urban interests of Lagos and, in particular, of Vila da Luz.

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