Campaign to encourage voting by EU citizens residing in Portugal

Information campaign with foreign communities resident in Portugal regarding the right to vote in local elections for all citizens of the European Union (including the UK registered until 31-12-2020) who are residents and register at the parish council (Junta de Freguesia) of residence.


If you are a registered resident in Portugal and a EU citizen (or UK citizen that became a resident prior to 31-12-2020), in order to REGISTER TO VOTE in the next local elections (October 2021) all you have to do is:

1. Make an appointment (Covid-19 rules) at the “Junta de Freguesia” where you live (e.g. in Lagos, it could be São Gonçalo; in Luz, is Freguesia da Luz). Phone number and email must be posted at the door;
2. Take a photo ID (e.g. passport), resident certificate and an utility bill (water, gas, electricity, internet, etc) that shows your name and address.

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